Welcome to Cengate.com
Cengate Sdn Bhd is a total system intergrator. Our success is based on its recognition of the fundamental importance of strategic planning, which allows us to develop solutions that go beyond the scope of a project, to exceed and redefine a short and long-term objectives. The creativity and experience represented by our staff allows us to bring together a variety of backgrounds and sensibilities in order to identify new and untapped opportunities in the marketplace.


Our Principles
We provide the best breed of IT solutions adjustable in both conventional and unconventional methodology. And we will work hand in hand with all our clients, ensuring all their needs are fulfill and that they have the upmost satisfying experience in whatever project we may be implementating, be it gigantic or tiny project, we valued all our clients 101%. And most importantly, we provide friendly and continuous support ensuring the smooth operation of your business 24/7. Contact us now and let us serve you well.